The real competition

Man v/s Nature.

Man starts harming nature, nature starts giving diseases.
Man finds medicines to cure diseases, nature introduces new germs.

Man stops harming nature, nature stops reverse impacts.

Go green, grow green, respect green.
Everything comes back.

Environment day 2018

The hot phrase "Go Green"
nowadays many-a-places I have seen!

Papers made from bamboo stick
are superseding the use of plastic!

Let's make it a habit
by doing our bit!

Green is yet now very well seen,
let us preserve if before it vanishes from the scene!

The impossible!!!

Children could create children but even parents cannot create parents!!
So, take care of parents, they are a rare species!


In a desert, when we chase a water body and end up knowing that it is a mirage disappoints us. But, every such mirage brings us one step closer to the real water body if we are determined to find one.

Religion and Personality

Religion is by birth and personality is by choice!
We don't have the freedom to take birth of our choice but we always have the freedom to choose the person we want to be.