Calling the rain!

To the Earth come soon,
to the farmers as a boon,
surpassing the light of Sun and Moon,
Oh! my dear Monsoon...


Sometimes nothing means something,
sometimes nothing means everything, and
sometimes nothing means nothing!!


EGO is just a three letter word but it can harm all the three - the past, the present and the future of our lives!! If you get ego on a person today then it restricts you from remembering good memories of the past spent together, restricts from caring for them today which become bad memories in the future!!

Bad culture!!

Daily seeing many people carrying a bunch of children on a small motorcycle without helmet and rushing through 'no entries' and 'red signals'!!
When parents themselves fail to follow the traffic rules and regulations., how can they expect their children to be well disciplined!!


Teacher is like app server, you can query the whole database of knowledge through him!!

Being vegetarian!

Somebody said - "Eat non vegetarian and go green!!".
Being vegetarian does not harm the ecosystem as we can grow different vegetables on different lands whenever we want but we cannot "give birth to" different animals!!