My lateral view of Independence

Like a bird out there in the sky
flying through the cool air,
like a shark in there under the sea
swimming deep inside the blue water,
like a child out there in the play ground
screaming, laughing, and playing in the mud,
am I in India, like an Indian,
enjoying the right to freedom

Like the sky, the sea, and the play ground
may my freedom be bound by fences,
the fences of constitutional rights, duties and directives,
the fences of humanity,the fences of culture & tradition,
the fences of love, care, trust and universal brotherhood

Born are we with the debt, on our shoulders,
from our parents, ancestors and the nature;
and it’s our responsibility to pay it back
in all possible forms that we can,to the welfare of mankind and mother earth,
without whom we could have never existed!

Ultimately, freedom is that power
which we can utilize in a way to think
and act generously to give meaning to
our lives, and serve the purpose of it.

Keep it going...

Under the stress
inside the mess,
lose not the cool
that's the rule;
like the Boeing
keep it going!

Every particle of the air
disturbs the mind,
you know it's unfair
but be kind;
like the Boeing
keep it going!

Time flies by
circumstances do change,
you'll fly high
up above the range;
like the Boeing
keep it going!

Basic needs!

Basic needs of a human should be like ego - everyone of us possess it!