Dream big!

Dream big
for one day
the destination that seemed impossible
is right in front of you
beckoning to hug it
to cross it
and, to set new goals!

Dream big
for one day
your efforts take you
through the toughest paths
towards the bright lights
of success and happiness!

Dream big
for one day
you turn them into reality
and enter the realm
you always wanted to be in,
to be satisfied,
to be peaceful,
to be happy!


Born are we with the genes of our parents,
and we grow by reflecting our surroundings;
in the course of growth we learn few things,
and we love few beings.

Why is that we follow the easy paths
for which we don't even know the destinations;
why do we hypnotize ourselves
to behave like others.

Idiots out there in all corners of this round world
always try to influence us;
but aren't we skewed by our own thoughts?
aren't we skewed in following the common norms?

We are!
And this skewness always contributes
to the evolution of society and mankind!
why be them who do not wish the good to us,
let us be the ones whom the coming generations
thank with gratitude for carving their paths,
for showing them the right directions,
and for making them enjoy their lifetime on earth!

Motivation... revisited!

The light, and the heat,
comes from thee,
the nearest star;
to begin the day, you are the key!

When the sun is gone, you are the one,
to light the world and to warm the hearts;
to the earth, you are the daughter,
and to the air, you are the mother!

When all are gone, you are still on,
to pull me up and take me high,
just like a cron, you are always on,
to hold me strong and make me sigh!
You are my strength, you are my hope,
you are none other than motivation,
the source of my life and energy.

Be blind, be deaf, be dumb!?!?

I am not talking about the three monkeys depicted by Gandhiji!

A rope tied between two high standing poles can be walked blindfolded when we have the practice, confidence and determination to do so! To tackle your fears, be blind!

A deaf person can feel the movements of another person and easily make out what that person is trying to convey. To understand one's feeling, be such a deaf!
And, to ignore the ill talks of others, be a deaf!

Words once spoken can never be taken back. Not to hurt someone, better be silent and listen carefully to the other one before speaking out. Be dumb when some else is speaking to you and you only! To respond to anyone, we need good listening.

The odd side and the even side..

Every person possesses an odd side of mind and an even side of it!
The odd side always tempts us to perform odd acts, think odd..
And the even side always tries to evenly balance the odds.

More we care about the odd side, we get biased and do the odds;
more we care about the even side, we start finding peace within us!

Faith is -

- that "smile" a child has when you bounce him up in the air!
- that "determination" which keeps you going in the deep sea to get pearl(s)
- that "commitment" which gives you energy to keep climbing the highest mountain peaks
- that "belief" which makes you help the needy, and
- that "feeling" which makes you "live"!

An expression on the eve of new year 2015!

Another new year is here,
a new beginning,
a new hope to cherish the old dreams,
a new energy to refresh the thoughts,
a new sight to keep us going,
a new huger to drive us crazy, and
a new confidence to rebuild the paths we cherish!

Wishing everyone a successful and satisfactory year ahead!