The good and the bad!

I hear many people talk about money and conclude that "the rich becomes richer and poor becomes poorer". I guess this applies more to our internal prosperity. The "good" becomes better and the bad becomes "worse"!

Life ... 2

Life is like a mathematics exam; if we arrive at the right answer we will be rewarded with full marks but at time when we cannot arrive at the right answer, the steps followed always fetch us marks! Keep putting efforts towards the good and you will be rewarded in a way you deserve.

Perspective ... 3

Old is gold but everything that is old was new at some point in time! Isn't it?

Perspective ... 2

"Good" is a relative term!
Unless we assess something in a way we feel it as 'good' we do not call anything 'good' and vice-versa!

Perspective ... 1

To the eastern world it's day
when it's night to the west!

We are students to our elders
and teachers to the kids!

Through the glass I see the sun as yellow
and through water as red!

It's the difference in perspectives
that cause ideas to storm our brains,
and is the reason (partly) for the evolution of mankind!

How it all works...

It all works
if you listen carefully before you speak out!

It all works
if you analyze carefully before you conclude!

It all works
if you give out more than what you receive!

It all works
if you contribute to others' happiness before being selfish!

It all works
if you improve yourself before pointing fingers at others!

It all works
if you are optimistic & confident in yourself to the highest!

You will make it work
if you want it to work!