Some day ... (the hope)

Some day, the plant I watered will bear sweet fruit

Some day, my fractured leg will get fixed

Some day, I will be the best kid in my parents' eyes

Some day, the pits where I fell down will teach me how to walk

Some day, my skills fetch me a job

Some day, I will find my soul mate

Some day, my passion makes my way

Some day, my experiences become lessons for a lifetime

Some day, I will settle down with utmost satisfaction in life

Some times, I lose hope!
When I sit back and think over the situation I replenish the energy in me and bounce back with better-than-before levels thinking that - Some day, I will overcome my weaknesses to live more happily, more peacefully and more satisfactorily.

The "Some day" thought brings new hope in me each time when I go through disappointments, difficulties and road blocks.

And, Some day I will be the new me with unending thoughts of the Some days of life.


  1. Everything, just that I don't agree with 'utmost satisfaction'. It has to be everyday!

    Nice piece of writing.

    1. Agreed to your interpretation :)

      I meant - in future when I look back, I have to be satisfied. So, I have to be satisfied in what I am in present.

      Thank you :)

    2. ah! That way! :-)